2 or 3 Fun Dives at Coiba National Park

Da USD US$ 140,00
  • Durata: 9 Ore (circa)
We run trips from Santa Catalina on a daily basis. The boat usually leaves between 8 and 8.30 in the morning and comes back at about 4.30. We do two or three dives a day, depending on what you prefer, and sometimes weather conditions. The dive sites are located in the national park, which covers a series of beautiful islands, including Coiba, Isla Rancheria, Canales, Jicaron, Jicarita and the area of Contreras. We stop for a short lunch break at the rangers station on Coiba, where you have the opportunity to eat and sometimes see some wild monkeys, ñeques (little rodent-like creatures), iguanas and amazing bird life. As for the underwater world, among other things you can see white-tipped reef sharks, nurse sharks, turtles, dolphins, eagle rays, devil rays, sting rays, lobsters, sea horses, frog fish, schools if jacks, blue-fin trevallies, barracudas, moray eels, wahoos, snappers and of course lots of colourful butterflyfish and parrotfish. In season, you might get lucky and spot a whale shark (January to April) or a humpback whale (July to September).

Price: $140

A third dive is possible for an additional $20


$20 for foreigners per day

$5 for Panamanians and residents per day
(Must be paid in cash upon arrival. Please remember that there is no ATM in Santa Catalina)

The prices include: the boat ride, the equipment, the guide/instructor, a small lunch (sandwich and fruit) and water.

Getting to Santa Catalina from Panama City:

If you are not driving yourself, the best way is to the take a bus from Albrook Bus Terminal to Sona (5.30 hours, $9.50) and another one from there to Santa Catalina (1.30 hours, $4.50). The bus will drop you right in front of our dive shop. We can also organize private transport for you. Just let us know!

Accommodation in Santa Catalina:

We do not organize accommodation, but there are many hotels and hostels to choose from: Santa Catalina Surf Point (www.santacatalinasurfpoint.com), La Buena Vida (www.labuenavida.biz),  Cabañas Rolo (www.rolocabins.net), Oasis (www.oasissurfcamp.com), Hibiscus Garden (www.hibiscusgarden.com) and Sherlley Cabins (www.sherlleycabins.com). If you need a few more suggestions, there is a more extensive list on our page.